Our purpose at  HCD is to contribute to a more compassionate, sustainable and peaceful world.

The world often appears complex and unpredictable.  It can be full of surprises and disruptions.  We partner with our clients to make their organizations more humanly, financially, and environmentally sustainable.

Curiosity, compassion and courage are important to us.   We begin with the belief that people are trustworthy, capable and able to succeed.  We value transparency, permeability, and openness.  We enable caring and connection.

Our areas of focus include the development of individuals, teams, organizations and communities. We hold these perspectives in dynamic balance, knowing that one cannot flourish without the others.

We listen and we respond.  At times we propose multi-faceted and subtle approaches; in other cases, we work with solid simplicity.  We reach wide and deep. We do what is best: use tried and true methods; invent a new approach; recommend someone else’s solution.

Today, our tools include training, coaching, strategy and organizational design.  We are constantly searching for tools, methods and new ways of being in order to be more effective partners.


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