Flow-tography: The Secret Power of Beauty


Many team bonding programs fall short: they put people one step removed from the true creative process because they skip the single most important step of all: connecting the individual sense of purpose with the purpose of the team.

Purpose-driven organizations inspire purpose-driven individuals to make a creative contribution. Something clicks into place and people feel motivated to get involved. They find the energy and determination to take risks, overcome obstacles and bring new ideas to life.

But many people are too busy to get clear about their own sense of purpose. Consequently, they may like what they do, but they don’t love it. Without love, there is not enough energy for innovation.

The Power of Purpose workshop guides participants on a clear step-by-step path to discovering their personal purpose and how to connect this to the purpose of the organization. People light up when this connection is made. Others feel it and want to be part of whatever this person is doing. They attract, engage and inspire others because they are excited about the future and their part in it.

Drawing on the fields of positive psychology, design and science, participants are introduced to eight universal archetypes of beauty: Vitality, Simplicity and Unity, as a framework of self-discovery. The process reveals a surprising link between our sense of beauty and sense of purpose. This is an experiential program that changes how people see the world, the team, and their place in it. We use photography as an easily accessible mode to capture and share key insights throughout the day. Participants should bring their smartphone, point and shoot camera or SLR.

Outcomes: Individuals rediscover their life/work purpose, unique abilities and highest creative potential, resulting in increased levels of engagement. They gain appreciation for diversity of styles and discover that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. They connect to each other in powerful new ways through shared experiences of beauty and stories. They leave with a deep commitment to contribute to innovation by connecting their personal purpose to that of the organization. They create their own three-step action plan for making a creative contribution and for engaging others along the way.

For dates and more information click: http://www.hcd.com.sg/index.cfm?GPID=27


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