HCD Participates in the Worldwide Week of Partnership

Power & Systems, led by Systems Thinking pioneer Barry Oshry, runs a global initiative to support non-profit organizations, government organizations, schools and other deserving institutions by conducting the Organizational Workshop™ for free. In 2014, HCD Asia-Pacific organized and conducted the workshop for Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP).

The Organizational Workshop™ is designed for participants to generate experiential insight into the way organizational systems work, and also to focus participants on the positive actions they can take to “ease” the system and create better organizational outcomes for all.

HCD facilitator Beth mAcdonald has conducted the Organizational Workshop™ in Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh and The Netherlands. The program has contributed to executives undergoing leadership development, organizations in transition to more matrixed and customer-centric forms, and organizations hoping to improve the whole system’s organizational health.


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