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HCD Asia Pacific has done its best to create a “Google-esque” work environment. If you have a chance to visit during the week, you may chance upon our weekly yoga sessions or be invited to join Qi Gong training. There is no question that you’ll be invited to join lunch. Chef Anton routinely produces Asian delights using produce from the “Secret Garden” and staples from Farmer’s Market. Guest chefs Elrik Jundis and Beth mAcdonald add North American and European palettes to the offerings. Fresh baked bread is a frequent offering from budding baker, Lette Borong.

At some point during the day, you may stumble across Louie Angsico leading a sitting practice or training the troops in Muay Thai. Pets (Dustin Cheddar, Charlie, Samson and Lexi) provide needed entertainment and interruptions.   The “Secret Garden” provides not only fresh produce but also a wonderful place for reflection and relaxation. It is also a strong metaphor for the systems approaches HCD promotes. The newest additions to the relax and recover scheme: 2 cotton hammocks.


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