Anton Gahol


Anton is a unique combination of a strong analytic mind, voracious curiosity and an appetite for learning from and with people. As a facilitator, he infuses his work with perspectives grounded in research while at the same time using interactive methods to draw out the experience and insights of the learners. As a consultant, Anton builds on his experience at Deloitte. Bringing his professional consulting skills to the world of talent management and learning and development, he helps to structure and deepen the work.

Anton’s experience at Deloitte was in research and business development, where he extracted insight from analytic research to generate strategic data that informed strategy and planning for the firm’s practices. This experience equipped him with an understanding of industry dynamics, operations, and relating these with financial results. Worldly and personable, Anton is able to make structured interviews feel like lively conversations. He has experience working with senior and mid-level executives to help clarify goals and processes at both corporate and functional levels.

On the personal side, Anton is an avid amateur chef and enthusiastic world explorer, having visited Europe, the U.S. and large parts of Asia.


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