Beth mAcdonald

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As global learning facilitator, Beth’s continuing challenge is to harness human potential and convert it into sustainable, exceptional performance. She helps organizations engage the individual to pursue mutually reinforcing objectives to achieve ever-higher, sustainable levels of performance especially in the face of challenge and complexity.

As a consultant and facilitator, Beth has worked with a number of organizations around the world to develop the skills and ways of being of their leaders. She works primarily in Asia but has delivered in Africa, North America and Europe as well.

Beth has worked with Senior Global Leaders at Anritsu Corporation in Japan; Regional Technical Leaders from across Asia for Oerlikon in China, Corporate leaders at United Engineering Malaysia and Telekom Malaysia, first level leaders at Unilab pharmaceuticals company in the Philippines and first level leaders from across Asia for adidas… among others. She is a development coach for Unilever’s SEA talent development initiative. Beth designed and delivered a talent development program for fast-food player, Jollibee, to groom new general managers to lead expansion across Asia.

Beth’s approach to such programs is bespoke but there are some common elements. Key learning experiences include: action reflection learning projects, challenges that foster self-discovery and self-awareness, blending of hard and soft skill development, focused assessment tools, facilitated learning events (as opposed to traditional training), and targeted individual and group coaching.

Her coaching and facilitation is informed by her education in some key frameworks including Ontological Coaching, Spiral Dynamics, and Gestalt. She is also certified in MBTI, Firo-B, Emotional Intelligence, and Chally Assessment.

Her work is also informed by her 25 years of experience as a line manager. Her work experience includes senior executive responsibility for corporate technical innovation and market development, new business development and organizational consultancy. Beth’s is a unique combination of technical and creative skills and a broad corporate experience spanning several industries, to industries as far afield as technical textiles, consumer products, medical devices, training and website development.

The ability to work effectively across cultures comes in part from worldwide and regional assignments during her 20-year career with Johnson & Johnson. Beth has facilitated in Japan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Angola, South Africa, Azerbaijan, the UK. and the U. S.


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