Butch Tan

Butch Tan

Manuel G. Tan, known to his friends and family as “Butch”, has a passion for learning; his mission in life is to infect others. His rich and varied academic background and work experiences inform his facilitation with a fascinating variety of perspectives; his undergraduate degree is in Zoology, his graduate degree in Management. His work experience runs the gamut from alternate fuels to spices and favors; the theme running through his professional life – strategy and business development in marketing and sales. The roll call of his employment includes McCormick & Company,        Kraft General Foods, Magnolia Division of San Miguel Foods, Coca-cola, and McCann Erickson.

Butch has undergone training as coach through a New Ventures West based program entitled “Coaching to Excellence”; his favorite question in life is “What makes you happy?” He is also a certified Blessing White facilitator for “Leading Technical Professionals”. His repertoire in training and facilitation includes problem solving and decision-making; strategic thinking and strategy implementation; business writing; and leadership and management.

In addition to his facility with language, Butch is an accomplished artist with the ability to quickly capture key ideas and translate them into powerful visual communication. He uses these images to create integrated pictures of problems and opportunities as they arise from the facilitation process. He is also a deep and reflective of observer of human interaction; a skill that contributes to development of executives and their teams.


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