Elrik Jundis

Elrik 1

Elrik’s journey began like many Americans with his first paycheck generating jobs as a teenager. During his teenage years his penchant for contribution also manifested in work for non-profit organizations which continues to this day. Altogether Elrik has been training and facilitating for 30 years in the U.S. and the Philippines.

Elrik’s discovery of the field of ontology 15 years ago lead him into the discipline of coaching and deepened his work as a facilitator. As facilitator/trainer, he has designed and run programs on Consultative Sales, Phone Sales, Coaching and Mentoring, Cultural Sensitivity, Well-being, Customer Service, Time Management, Communications, Difficult Conversations, Project Management, Team Performance, Personal Mastery and others.

His clients have included, Emerson, Sykes, Landmark Education, the Learning Annex, Nokia, Sunpower, Globe Telecom, Sunlife, Mondelez, Unilever, Lucas Film Ltd., Monark-Cat, Republic Chemical, LaFarge Cemento, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), Alameda County Health Services, Medserve, multiple school districts and police departments.

Elrik’s unique perspective on facilitation and coaching comes from his expertise and interest in the field of somatics. He has studied the martial arts for over 25 years. He has also studied Trauma Release methodologies and is enrolled in the Strozzi Somatic Coaching program. These somatic disciplines allow him to help participants to become more grounded and focused.

Elrik’s wife is an artist and Waldorf teacher and his two sons attend a Waldorf school. He is also a student of permaculture and is currently actively developing a community garden.


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