HCD Accountant and Analyst attend Creative Writing Class

Creativing Writing Class

Not all jobs require people to possess writing skills. That’s true, but technology and the times have changed all that. At HCD, we believe that to be able to write – that is, to compose a message, put together sentences in a manner that makes sense – is a skill that everybody can use. Most of us now do a lot of writing – when we make presentations, give lectures, send emails, and respond to emails, tweet, post, blog, and text.

So HCD sent Visie, our head of finance, and Lauren, our Social Network Analyst, to a Creative Writing Class.

Lauren: “It started when I asked Beth to check what I had written in an email. Her reaction was, she didn’t understand what I was trying to say. I tried to explain it to her, and it became clearer. My problem is, I can explain things verbally, but it doesn’t translate in writing. She then asked me to enroll in a class called Discovering Writing by Barbara “Tweetums” Gonzalez.

Visie: “Writing is not something I like to do. It has never been fun for me. I really hate it. But guess what? I enrolled in a writing class, thanks to Beth, who paid my fees and opened my eyes to see the possibilities. Intuition, courage and trust convinced me to give it a try.

After eight weeks of writing exercises, here are samples of their work.


By Visie Maribbay

To be
Standing upright
Gracefully swaying
In any direction
Like a compass
From north to east
To south to west

Wind blows
Thunder roars
Lightning sparks
sing and dance
with the
to be

Wild Flower

By Lauren Isla

A wild rare flower
In the middle of a field, nowhere,
Quiet, voiceless yet with power.
Observing, feeling, sensing,
everything that’s around her.

Wind breezing, blowing, gently
Sweet whispers in my ear, heavenly.
Sun-rays, heat, touching my soft petals,
Fingertips caressing my tender skin.

Rain drops, tear drops, slowly
Falling through my leaves.
Baby kisses, soft kisses, wild kisses,
Bite, lick, savoring taste, lovely.

Roots, growing through the soil,
Crawling, growing, no letting go.
Finger nails buried in your skin
Subtly searching, exploring.

A bee sting, slurping the honey
Served, breathing, resting, alive
Bright colored flower, wild flower.


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