HCD UK collaborates with London-based charity, CoppaFeel!


The collaboration started a few months ago when HCD UK’s MD, Deena De Vries-Jones, met Henrietta Atkinson, CoppaFeel!’s Director of Business Support.

CoppaFeel! was founded by Kris Hallenga in 2009. Their mission is to raise awareness of breast cancer in younger people – predominantly women. However, breast cancer can affect men, too.

At age 22, and presenting a range of symptoms, Kris had been told she was too young to have breast cancer. At 23 she was finally diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, stage 4, at a point where it had already spread to her spine – a stage where it could only be treated, never cured.

Within a few months of her diagnosis, she had set up the charity, on a mission that what happened to her would not happen to others.

Breast cancer is usually associated with women over 50, but 10,000 women in the UK under 50 will contract breast cancer – and early detection is the most effective way to beat it.

CoppaFeel! want young women to get to know their breasts better and check them regularly for any changes, such as lumps, changes in the skin, the nipples, their size or shape. Breast cancer can affect men too.

The message is simple – know your breasts and if you notice anything that’s different about them, have the conviction and confidence to immediately see your doctor or health professional.   You should know your breasts better than anyone!

HCD UK’s Deena pledges to spread the word and is eager to work with CoppaFeel!’s team. “I have a strong commitment and passion to support and work for such a pro-active and indispensible cause. Early detection is the most important way to treat breast cancer. If I can play any part in getting people to know their breasts better – count me in!” she asserts.


To get your own shower sticker to remind you to check your breasts, go to http://coppafeel.org/remind-me/


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