Lauren Isla


Lauren Isla is a consultant who helps organizations map out where they are against an ideal of having leaders and teams connecting, communicating and collaborating regularly across functions. Using proprietary tools and process she helps organizations find out if their leaders and teams network as they should?

Lauren’s spatial intelligence, analytical mind and ability to recognize patterns serve her in good stead as Human Capital Development’s Social Network Analyst. Trained by Valdis Krebs, a US-based consultant specializing in organizational network analysis, Her work in SNA has provided the leaders of a number of HCD’s client organizations with insights
into gaps in connections among and between their employees, teams and departments, allowing them to map and measure the amount of teamwork, communication, information flow, and knowledge-sharing that happens – or not – within their company, team, department, division, group or institution.

Lauren’s professional career has also included logistics and administrative work, account management and sales and marketing. As an organized and systematic Account Manager, she helped organized programs and handled logistics for Executive Development Programs for the emerging leaders of a food conglomerate.

She served in the same capacity on the Organizational Workshop program for a telecom company, a food corporation in Vietnam and a consulting firm in Singapore and Bangladesh.With her background in Human Kinetics, she was the Nutrition Resource in a Stress Management program for the Health Department of the Philippine Senate.

Before HCD, Lauren worked at a wellness company where she oversaw administration and recruitment, and also helped design wellness programs for the company’s clients.

Among the clients she has worked with are: Total Philippines, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Bath Consulting, Globe Sweden and ISM, Globe Information System Group, Pernod Ricard Hong Kong.

Lauren has benefited from coaching by author and change consultant Nick Smith. She holds a Bachelor in Sports Science from the College of Human Kinetics, University of the Philippines, Diliman. Her other interests include
photography, wakeboarding, scrabble, puzzles, music and travel.


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