Peer Coaching at HCD

The culture of continuous learning is alive and well at HCD.

On the afternoon of the 7th July, a number of HCD friends and colleagues showed up at the office at 29 Adonis to take part in an open learning event on peer coaching. About half the attendees had zero experience in any kind of coaching, a few were relatively new in its practice, and the rest were coaching gurus, with years of professional coaching and mentoring experience.

In the Open Frame activity, a few participants offered to share knowledge on specific topics; everyone else was free to choose which subjects piqued their interest and go where their inclinations lay. Among the subjects on offer were Systems Constellation, Somatic Tools, Transformational Coaching and Integral Coaching.

The next activity was riveting and intense, and valuable, to both volunteers and observers. Two participants offered to be coach and coachee in a coaching conversation observed by the rest. The coachee volunteer had been grappling in his workplace with a dilemma and needed help arriving at a decision that would have considerable impact on his life and career. Shortly after the workshop, we heard that as a result of that session and the ensuing discussions, he made his decision and acted on it. It is gratifying to know that someone actually benefited from that learning event.


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