Some of the recent feedback we’ve received from program participants, all of whom work for a multinational oil & gas company. The feedback is gathered from a mix of programs delivered in Asia, as part of a global roll-out of training programs.

Facilitator: Louie Angsico
“He is a genius and one of the best trainers we ever had. His style of training is not stiff and it’s more favorable to learning. I hope we can have more trainers like him.”

“Very Good Facilitator and made us comfortable to join in the session.”

Facilitator: Cathy Johnson

“The facilitator is very engaging & actively listening & attending to the queries & questions asked by participants”

“The facilitator encouraged the quieter participants to get involved, speak-up and present. She’d created a positive environment for our learning purposes.”

Facilitator: Victor Barreiro

“Vic have created a very relax and safe environment for us. Not the very intense kind of training and yet powerful. Thank you.”

Facilitator: Manuel “Butch” Tan

“He’s an effective facilitator. He made sure that we understand and engage in the topic.”

Facilitator: Beth mAcdonald

“Beth was great! I really enjoyed the two day training because of her. She’s amazing and very passionate about sharing her thoughts. The best thing is she’s checking if we really had understood the principle or the topic she just taught.”


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