The Art of Masterful Facilitation


Effective facilitation can mean the difference between a successful group session or one that leaves the audience flat.  For this reason it is imperative that anyone who has the responsibility of a facilitator understand, learn and master the art of facilitation.

There are a number of key elements that make for great facilitation, these include; self-confidence, communication, questioning skills, active listening,  and building rapport.

Aside from these fundamentals there are other things we must learn in order to be masterful facilitators and this is what we will focus on in this program.

We will focus on information that enables you to build your capacity to lead groups, facilitate process and execute a wide variety of learning strategies.  Whether you are seasoned professional or a novice in the field, The Art of Masterful Facilitation will be calibrated to meet your needs and support you to continue developing your competence.

Topics that we will explore and engage with in the work:

  • Look at what’s underneath the concepts of facilitation
  • Expand your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a facilitator
  • Learn how to access and engage a group
  • Explore your Presence within group facilitation
  • Increase your abilities to establish, hold and shape the context of a group session
  • Established strategies to take a group to the intended state, outcome, experience
  • Understand the power of context and how to use it in a facilitated session

Who would gain value from attending:

This program is designed for anyone who facilitates groups of people for the purposes of learning, development, intervention, strategy building or any other group activity that has an established purpose and/or outcome.  If you want to enhance your competency to facilitate groups, you will find deeper understanding and greater capacity to conduct group sessions.

This workshop will be calibrated in depth and intensity for the group in attendance; however, this is not designed as a basic skills class.  Instead, this two-day session is specifically designed for you to discover, explore and experiment with elements that lead you to more skillful ways to facilitating groups of people.

In addition to the two-days, each participant will be offered a one-hour virtual coaching session after the workshop. Participants will be invited to submit a brief video of their application of the offered learning.

This workshop will be offered in Singapore and Bangkok:


15-16 October 2015

Tuition: SGD 1,500 plus GST


19-20 October 2015

Tuition: THB 12,000


Lead Facilitator and Coach – Elizabeth Matsui

Eli is a Master Trainer who has earned respect and recognition in Corporate Japan. Her list of clients includes some of Japan’s most prominent enterprises – public and private – including Telecoms, Financial services, Aerospace, FMCG and IT.

She has delivered programs to over 100,000 participants in Japan and other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China. Eli has facilitated programs and delivered learning solutions on Leadership, Coaching, Performance Management, Motivation and Presentation Skills.

For over twenty-six years she has taken a leading role in developing and conducting cutting- edge programs to increase leadership effectiveness based on sustained delivery of exceptional results. Her style of delivery has been described as having the high levels of intensity, rigor and engagement needed to generate strategic insight and awareness among participants. This approach has earned her continuing engagement with individuals and organizations.

Before entering private practice, she acquired experience with major Japanese trading concerns. She held positions of increasing responsibility and rank in such companies as Mitsui & Co. (Canada) and Nippon Manpower.

She is a certified NLP practitioner (International NLP Association, Washington DC) and has received training under specialists such as Dr. W. Schultz, PhD, Harvard University, as well as other eminent academicians in applied behavioral sciences such as Dr. Ray Blanchard, PhD and Dr. John E. Jones of Organizational Universal Systems.

Eli is a Canadian citizen and a permanent resident of Japan, based in Tokyo


Rob Schilling

The continuing objective of training is to develop human ability – talent – in a way that enables both individual and organization to pursue mutually beneficial goals.

Rob Schilling has been guided by this principle for more than 25 years. It is the principle that has assured clients that Rob’s practice is geared for sustained excellence and not simply technical content. Every individual, every team, every organization is a unique entity. That is why every approach is a customized solution.

Having lived in Asia for more than 20 years, Rob is equipped with insight and understanding of the multicultural environments that are simultaneously simple and complex. As such, every learning solution is customized to take unique, critical factors into account – from design and content to delivery and post-work. This is a principle that marks a practice that has spanned 25 countries and four continents.

Companies and industries served include FMCG, Banking and Financial Services, IT, Telecom, Energy, Technology and the public sector. Rob has delivered or facilitated at all critical levels of the organizational structure from executive management to key operational staff, across disciplines and functions in multinational and major local companies.

Rob is a California native raised in New York and Los Angeles. He attended university in New Hampshire where he obtained a degree in Psychology. He holds numerous certifications, including a Professional Coach Certification in Integral Coaching.


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