Ting-Ting Lin


Ting-Ting brings more than 20 years of professional experience in management to coaching and facilitation. She has facilitated at multinational fast moving consumer goods companies conducting programs on High Performing Teams, Raising Personal Effectiveness and Interviewing Skills in China and Hong Kong. She has facilitated Emergenetics personal awareness programs in Taipei and Performance Under Pressure sales training for a high technology company in China and Taiwan. She has also co-lead team interventions at the management team level in China.

As a coach, she has done group coaching on the Power of Change in Taipei. During her professional career she coached and facilitated extensively in corporate development centers.

Ten years living in Greater China as an executive at Philips Electronics, a Fortune 100 multinational, honed her skills at developing both individuals and organizations in the corporate environment. Previous to her corporate experience, her first 10 years as a tenured Professor at the University of California, prepared her with experience managing government and industry-sponsored research and development projects and cross-cultural graduate students. This experience provided her the ability to think out of the box and be entrepreneurial.

Ting-Ting believes in life-long learning and being accountable for self and one’s environment in one’s life. Her strength in logical thinking and objective analysis of complex issues supports her clients in their own problem solving and strategic thinking. Her method in coaching is to stimulate the insight of individuals so that they can work coherently in his/her organization and environment toward setting common goals and clear priorities. Together with her willingness to
share her learning, she has successfully supported many individuals discover one self, find one’s role, and take charge going forward.

Ting-Ting graduated with a Ph.D. degree from Carnegie Mellon University in the United States in Electrical Engineering and an executive MBA from Ashridge College in the United Kingdom. She is certified in MBTI, Firo-B, Chally Assessment Tools, Gazing, Emergenetics, and C-PAS (Personality Aptitude System). She is also a Tai-Chi master and proficient ballroom dancer.


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